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Q & A - Reliant Investment Solutions

An in-depth exclusive interview with the team behind Reliant Investment Solutions. In this Q & A Session we cover a wide variety of topics designed to give you an inside look at our views.

What services do you offer at Reliant Investment Solutions?
We are an independent Research and Analysis firm with a specialization in business valuations. We leverage our expertise with out proprietary database and analytical software to determine whether a company has the right financials, management team, and growth opportunities to outperform the S&P 500.

Who can benefit from the services at Reliant Investment Solutions?
Since we deal primarily in long-term investments with a time horizon of 3-5 years, we are a primary source for the investor with a long-term horizon looking for investment returns that outpace the S&P 500.

What sets your firm apart from your competition?
Our research and analysis, is based on our independence from businesses and companies that influence us to their products. What that means for you? Every business that research and subsequently analyze to buy is based wholly on our objective views. We believe that our diverse exposure and independence allows us to select the top investment choices.

What is the main focus when looking into an investment opportunity?
Our primary focus is ensuring that the long-term prospects for any business that we enter into is solid and positioned for spectacular growth. We do this in part by making sure that the company's productsand services are not only relevant to the marketplace but also that managmenet is continually developing ways to expand its sales growth.

Where do you currently see the market headed?
We are strong believers in the overall strength and resilience of the long-term U.S. market and economy. We do not try to predict the markets hort-term movements. In general our core-strength is in finding businesses that will over a three to five year period outperform the broader market.

What does this new administration mean for investments?
Every four years a new administration takes over (the past three presidents have spent eight years in office after re-election) and it is our belief that although governmental policies may change, investment policies and decisions should be rooted in a deep foundation of economic strength. Whether a Republican or Democrat is in office, should not affect the core staple of ingenuity and innovation that drives corporate growth. Any investment that would prove weak due to an administration change is one in which quite frankly we'd rather avoid.

Markets are at all time highs, should investors get into cash and wait for the next crash or recession?
First of all,we are believers in long-term investing. For investors looking to retire or need their funds in at least the next four years, we believe the stock-market should be a minimal portion of your investment.
Second, we deal in individual businesses meaning that at any point in a market cycle, there may be a healthy number of investments available at attractive valuations. Remember we buy stocks that an astute businesssman would buy because it makes business sense. If an investor is unable to properly value a business, we recommend the S&P 500. As long as you are a long-term investor history has been kind to you.
Lastly, this last cycle should have proved how difficult it is to subjectively choose when to get in and out of the market. Most investors have been waiting since 2010 for a crash.